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Real Estate Paralegal

Real Estate Paralegal

  • Bird & Bird are currently seeking a Real Estate Paralegal to join our team in London
  • Our International Real Estate Group provides specialist advice and support across a wide range of transactions
  • The role will involve supporting our Real Estate team with a variety of legal and non-legal tasks
  • The ideal candidate will have prior experience of working in a Real Estate department
  • Excellent academic achievements required, including a relevant degree and/or further legal qualification

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Online Harms White Paper series: whatever happened to online-offline equivalence?

From internet time immemorial the UK government has adhered to the principle of online-offline equivalence. No Ministerial speech or government paper

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Ico Update Report On Adtech And Real Time Bidding - Adtech Industry On Notice

On 20 June 2019, the UK Data Protection Authority, the Information Commissioner, published an update report on her office's review of adtech and real

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Report from AI Decoding IP: Day 1

Bird & Bird’s Toby Bond attended the first day of the UKIPO and WIPO Joint Conference on the interaction between AI technology and intellectual

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PMI successfully protects its IQOS design and patent in Japan

In late 2017, Phillip Morris International (PMI) became aware of the marketing of electronic tobacco heating devices under the brand “KAEDE” and

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International aviation & climate change: the UK's net-zero emissions proposition

On 2 May 2019, the Committee on Climate Change (the "CCC") published a report commissioned by the government of the UK reassessing the nation's

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Competitive Edge: Competition & EU law news - June 2019

On 16 May 2019, in two settlement decisions, the European Commission ("EC") has fined Barclays, RBS, Citigroup, JPMorgan and MUFG 1.07 billion EUR

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Singapore court: failure to call witness no reason to set aside arbitration award

This arbitration analysis examines the Singapore High Court's decision in BVU v BVX that an arbitration award would not be set aside on the basis of

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Singapore Court: setting aside a portion of an arbitral award (BAZ v BBA)

Dispute Resolution Update Singapore Court: setting aside a portion of an arbitral award (BAZ v BBA) June 2019 BAZ v BBA and others and other matters

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The Online Harms White Paper: Is technology the answer?

As discussed previously in the series, the OHWP sets out the Government’s proposals to tackle online content and activity that harms individual users

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The Online Harms White Paper: Who will regulate the internet, and how?

The Government’s Online Harms White Paper proposes a new online safety framework, to be implemented, overseen and enforced by “an independent

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US-China Trade War: Re-negotiation strategies and danger zones under Singapore Law

In our previous article published here in March 2019 on the US-China Trade War and its implications for contracts which cannot be performed due to

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Can foreign litigants be bound by English jurisdiction clauses contained in contracts to which they are not a party?

Competing jurisdiction clauses and the question of whether foreign litigants can be bound by English jurisdiction clauses contained in contracts to

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Appeal by KBR Inc could threaten the extent of the SFO's international investigatory powers

On 8 April 2019 the UK Supreme Court granted KBR Inc leave to appeal the decision to extend the extraterritorial scope of the UK Serious Fraud

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Blockchain, smart contracts and esports: a match-winning formula?

From relatively obscure origins, the advent of cryptocurrency has fuelled a blockchain (or, less catchy, “distributed ledger technology”) boom in

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The Criminal Finances Act 2017 and HMRC's new approach to its Business Risk Review

In a climate where there is a perceived lack of control over those who evade tax either by using tax planning schemes that amount to fraud or

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Patents: inventive concept in determining entitlement

The Intellectual Property Enterprise Court (IPEC) has held that the inventive concept of a European patent (EP) application had been devised by an

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The Online Harms White Paper: Which harms should be in scope?

Not much. The paper does not define harmful content, but instead provides an initial list of harms that would be in scope, including clearly defined

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Investing in the future of cannabis in the UK - lessons from the German model

The excitement around the potential for the UK cannabis market - medicinal and nutritional - to continue opening up has really intensified in the

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HMRC Exceed Prosecution Referral Target

A recent report by Thomson Reuters suggests that HMRC met its criminal prosecution referral target in 2018. The trend for increasing numbers of

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Reports of Trade Mark Cases for CIPA - May 2019

It was undisputed that the goods covered by the mark were intended for a professional public, made up of Englishspeaking consumers within the EU. The

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