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International Commercial & Trade Knowledge Lawyer

International Commercial & Trade Knowledge Lawyer

  • Introduction: The Lead Knowledge Lawyer for International Commercial & Trade will manage and execute legal content projects, training and knowledge initiatives for the Group within the context of the Firm's knowledge strategy.
  • About the role: You will make first-class knowledge easily available to lawyers, increasing the quality, consistency and/or cost-effectiveness of the advice that the Firm gives its clients.
  • Looking for: You must have extensive post-qualification experience as a practicing lawyer with direct involvement in the international commercial and trade advisory area.
  • Opportunities: For the right candidate, we are offering the opportunity to be involved in high-profile, excellent client work and to develop long-term relationships with clients.
  • And more: Apply today via Route1 to secure this exciting opportunity.

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The duty of continuous supply by healthcare manufacturers will continue to apply in the UK following a departure of the UK from the EU without a

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Daily Brexit Update - 15 October 2019

Barnier pushes for UK concessions in last-ditch bid for Brexit deal - FT Brussels’ chief negotiator says agreement ‘possible’ but ‘difficult’ ahead

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UK and US Sign Data Access Agreement to Expedite Digital

On 3 October 2019, the United Kingdom and the United States signed a first-of-its-kind Bilateral Data Access Agreement (the "Agreement"), which is

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Netherlands: Starting 1 December 2019 Exporters Can Only be EU-Established Entities

The Dutch Custom Authorities have published a short communique on October 1, 2019 stating that as of December 1, 2019 only EU-established entities

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European Banking Authority Outsourcing Guidelines Come into Effect: Are you ready?

The EBA outsourcing guidelines came into effect on 30 September 2019. They are more prescriptive than the previous guidance and have a broader scope

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Daily Brexit Update - 14 October 2019

Johnson Sets Tone for Election in Queen's Speech: Brexit Update (Bloomberg) Johnson said delivering Brexit will give certainty to business and talked

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Daily brexit update - 8 October 2019

The No-Deal Readiness Report has just been published by the Government The report summarises the steps the Government has taken to ensure that we are

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Daily Brexit Update - 9 October 2019

The Government publishes new update to the UK’s temporary tariff regime if we leave the EU without a deal The Government plans to make 3 specific

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Daily Brexit Update - 11 October 2019

Brussels gives green light to intensify Brexit talks with UK (FT) Brussels has decided to embark on intensive negotiations with the UK on Brexit, in a

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No-Deal Brexit: Implications for Competition Law

As the deadline for the UK's withdrawal from the EU approaches, and Brexit negotiations continue, it is vital for companies to address the challenges

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Brexit Healthcare blog post: Recent developments on the sale of no-deal Brexit stockpiled drugs out of the UK

The Government has recently imposed restrictions on the parallel export of certain drugs from the UK to the EEA. At the moment, parallel imports tend

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Daily Brexit Update - 1 October 2019

Brexit trade deal depends on UK ‘level playing field’ commitments, Hogan says - MLex The depth of any UK-EU trade deal after Brexit will depend on

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UK: New Sentencing Guidelines

Following a consultation in 2018, the Sentencing Council has published a new sentencing guideline to come into effect on 1 October 2019 that will

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Brexit and Public Law

The recent Supreme Court decision on the Government’s prorogation of Parliament has put the workings of public law and judicial review into the

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The Impact of Brexit on South Africa and Africa

Countries in Africa are preparing for the reality that a hard Brexit could lead to increased risk aversion and reduced investor appetite for trade in

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Law Commission Publishes Report on Electronic Execution

On 4 September 2019, the Law Commission of England and Wales issued its final Report on the electronic execution of documents (i.e. E-signatures) and

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How might Brexit impact on clients from a public law perspective?

The European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018 sets out how EU law will be incorporated into domestic law as of the day the UK leaves the EU. In this

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Data as an asset key themes across business models and multidisciplinary trends

Data is an asset. Many of today's successful companies are based on data-driven business models. Big tech businesses are naturally leading the way

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Daily Brexit Update - 27 September 2019

SNP hints at backing short-term Corbyn government (BBC) The SNP has given its most explicit suggestion yet that it could back a time-limited

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Can no-deal Brexit stockpiled drugs be sold out of the UK?

Can drugs that have been stockpiled in case of a no-deal Brexit legally be sold to other countries? Yes, at the moment they can, and because the

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