• About the Firm: The Court of Appeal, Civil Division, is effectively the final court of appeal for many cases across the full range of civil jurisdictions including tribunals, public law and private disputes.
  • About the role: The main purpose of the in-house lawyer role is to perform the Court of Appeal’s judicial case management function (normally reserved to Judges in the lower courts), thus maximising judicial productivity and contributing to the Court’s ability to administer justice cost effectively, coherently and consistently.
  • Looking for: We are looking to secure your expertise, experience and ability to using sound judgement, evidence and knowledge to arrive at accurate, expert and professional decisions and advice.
  • Opportunities: Your opportunities will include but not be limited to carrying out an initial assessment of every new case to ensure its smooth progress through the Court, and preparing an accurate and concise legal headnote for every application for permission to appeal or appeal filed in the Court of Appeal summarising the factual background, findings of the lower court and legal issues in the case.
  • And More: You will have the ability to maximise return while minimising risk and balancing a range of considerations to provide sustainable outcomes.

Ministry of Justice

We work to protect the public and reduce reoffending, and to provide a more effective, transparent and responsive criminal justice system.