Immigration PSL

Immigration PSL

  • About the Firm: LexisNexis, a division of RELX, is a leader in legal and professional publishing. Leveraging over 30 years of online experience, LexisNexis offers one of the best opportunities to contribute to the building of tomorrow’s information services spanning across multiple media.
  • About the role: We are looking for an in-house lawyer to help drive LexisNexis on in its strategy of enabling law firms to deliver legal services more efficiently.
  • Looking For: We are looking to secure your expertise as a UK qualified lawyer or OISC level 2/3 practitioner with comprehensive knowledge of their practice area and extensive experience delivering advice to clients.
  • Opportunities: You will have the opportunity to showcase your experience with regard to: British nationality; Deportations & removals; applications under Appendix FM and the European Regulations; private life and long residence applications, and challenging Home Office decisions by way of appeals and judicial review.
  • And more: You will possess broad practical experience and technical legal expertise in corporate and/or personal immigration matters; strong analytical skills and a keen eye for detail — the ability to communicate legal concepts concisely and clearly; and a real understanding of the legal community and markets and, in particular, the needs of immigration practitioners.


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