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Fee Earner - Commercial Property

Fee Earner - Commercial Property

  • Fee Earner - Commercial Property
  • Drafting and approval of documents e.g. leases, contracts and ancillary
  • Acquisition and disposal of freehold and leasehold commercial property and development sites.
  • Leasehold property management work (e.g. licenses).
  • Excellent salary, benefits and work/life balance.

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Holmes & Hills Solicitors is a leading regional law firm with five offices across Essex & Suffolk, located in Braintree, Sudbury, Halstead, Tiptree & Coggeshall.

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A COVID-19 Legal Toolkit for the Construction Industry: Termination and Suspension

For the past 4-5 months, COVID-19 has forced construction sites around the globe to close or comply with new and changing guidelines as governments

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The English Supreme Court’s landmark decision reflects on reflective loss

In a landmark decision that departs from nearly 40 years' of case law, the Supreme Court has unanimously ruled that the reflective loss principle

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The potential UK-Australia free trade agreement: reviving old friendships may bring new opportunities.

Amidst the unchartered waters of the post-Brexit world, the UK reaches out to old friends and allies to revive old and solid relationships, on new

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Collateral management agreements, pledges and security: how can a lender protect itself?

Taking security over goods stored with a party which does not have title to them is common in commodities financing. It can give rise to a complex

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Client Guide: Litigation in Scotland. What you should know: 10 Key Features

Disputes arising in the course of trade are, for most, a commercial reality, and litigation remains an effective tool to enforce rights, recover

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The Maritime Arbitration Universe in Numbers: London remains ever Dominant

For the third consecutive year, our analysis of global maritime arbitration case statistics shows that London continues to dominate as the most

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Lloyd’s proposals on protection against a future wave of COVID-19

Lloyd's has recently published a White Paper on supporting global recovery and resilience for customers, and outlining how the global insurance

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Third Country EU Equivalence for Financial Services in Doubt - But does it matter?

The UK's chances of obtaining regulatory equivalence with the EU for financial services are in doubt, as the UK and EU have missed their self-imposed

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International data transfers from the eea and uk: take care

The Schrems II judgment, handed down by the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) on 16 July 20201 , is significant for any organisation

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Update on the FCA test case on the validity of COVID-19 business interruption claims

Last month, we reported on the progress of the FCA test case1, after the FCA had filed its claim and the first Case Management Conference had taken

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Service of proceedings in lockdown

We are starting to see a number of cases coming through the English courts dealing with procedural issues caused by Covid-19. The latest of which

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English Court of Appeal decision: US secondary sanctions are a “mandatory provision of law”

In Lamesa Investments Limited v Cynergy Bank Limited, the English Court of Appeal has confirmed that US secondary sanctions fall within the common

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UK goes it alone: The UK’s new human rights sanctions regime

The UK's exit from the European Union will allow the UK to pursue its own sanctions policy. This development has been hailed by politicians, with

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High Court issues barring order under CPR 19.8A and finds rule extends to constructive trusts

In a recent High Court case, HFW (and a number of other firms) acted on behalf of a group of applicants who were successful in persuading the court

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Supreme Court blesses the use of adjudication by insolvency practitioners in construction disputes

In a clear and unanimous judgment, the Supreme Court has endorsed the use of adjudication by insolvency practitioners as a means of resolving

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Update on the FCA test case on the validity of COVID-19 Business Interruption claims

The FCA has published updates1 on the progress of its court action on business interruption (BI) insurance policies to claims arising out of COVID-19

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Lloyd’s notification strategy for its Brexit Part VII transfer receives High Court approval

The High Court has approved Lloyd's notification strategy for the transfer of its EEA business to its Belgian subsidiary, Lloyd's Insurance Company

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Appeal Court considers waiver of the Insurance Act 2015 duty of fair presentation

The recent appellate decision in the Scottish case of Young v RSA considered the question of waiver in the context of the duty of fair presentation

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Insurance special purpose vehicles (ISPVs): Updates to authorisation and supervision

The PRA recently published a Policy Statement (PS1320)1 on its approach to the authorisation and supervision of ISPVs. The Policy Statement also

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In brief: due diligence for ship finance transactions in United Kingdom

A look at some of the key due diligence considerations for ship finance transactions in United Kingdom, including with regard to title, liens and encumbrances, public registry searches and debt obligations.

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