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Employment Solicitor

  • We are offering an excellent opportunity for an Employment Solicitor or HR Advisor to join our professional yet welcoming organisation.
  • Due to our success and to meet the demands of our growing client base, we require an Employment Solicitor or HR Advisor to provide a diverse local, regional and national client base with support, guidance and education on all employment law matters.
  • The role requires the candidate to be confident in giving accurate tailored advice on a wide range of employment and HR issues over the telephone and via email.
  • You must have a comprehensive knowledge of employment law and HR issues.
  • Our employment team represents a variety of clients across a broad spectrum of industry sectors.

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Taulbut v Davey 2018 EWHC 730 (Ch) - when good intentions are badly executed

The recent case of Taulbut v Davey is the latest example of a homemade Will causing confusion, frustration, and fallout. On 4 April 2013 Mrs Pauline

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Why persistence doesn’t pay (also known as how NOT to behave as a litigant in person revisited)

The original dispute was about the affairs of A, Mr Fitzgerald’s aunt. A’s niece, C, was appointed as A’s deputy in May 2013. Mr Fitzgerald had

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Extended Disqualification rules for academy trustees and senior executives

From the 1 August 2018, important changes are being made to the automatic disqualification rules for charity trustees. Under the current rules

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When do Academy Trusts Need a Trading Subsidiary?

What circumstances mean an academy trust may need to set up a subsidiary company to carry out trading activity, in order to comply with charity law

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Education In The North: Behind The Headlines

We take a look at the evidence provided to the House of Commons Education Select Committee on 'Educating The North' This paper reflects on the

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Are your school's term time only workers paid the correct amount of holiday pay?

Paying holiday pay at the rate of 12.07 of pay may not always comply with contractual or statutory entitlements. The minimum statutory holiday

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Requirements, Risks and Pitfalls of Insuring Unoccupied Property

There are many reasons a property might be left unoccupied, but this poses additional risks and requirements for insurance. A property may be vacant

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Charities' legal spend - in support of your charity, what to be aware of

What do charities need to consider to demonstrate responsible management? Charity spending on legal fees recently hit the headlines again, as part of

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Inheritance Tax - What could the OTS review change?

The review of Inheritance Tax by the Office of Tax Simplification. In early 2018, the Office of Tax Simplification ("OTS") received a mandate from the

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How Can the Public Affect Your Land?

If your land is, or has the capability of being, used as a means of access from one place to another

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Are school buildings up to the new standard for leases?

The first stage of the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard came into force in April 2018, affecting schools that act as landlords for their properties

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Was it reasonably practicable for an employee to present a claim for unfair dismissal in time, when erroneous ACAS advice caused the delay?

The Claimant was dismissed for gross misconduct effective from 15th March 2017. He took advice from ACAS via its helpline. The advice was to appeal

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Clerking for the governing body

In this article, we look briefly at the role of the clerk, and what resources are available to schools to make sure that their clerk is supported

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Avoiding religion or belief discrimination at work: new ACAS guidance

ACAS has published new guidance to assist employers in preventing workplace discrimination on the grounds of religion or belief. The new guidance

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Updated schools safeguarding guidance from September 2018

New statutory guidance on "Keeping Children Safe in Education" is expected to be in place for 3 September 2018. A copy of the new, and current

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Why voluntarily register your land at the Land Registry?

A dispute between a 74 year old farmer and the Church of England has highlighted the benefits of voluntarily registering land at the Land Registry

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Converting your charitable company to a CIO

The Charities Act 2011 included provisions for the direct conversion of a charitable company into a charitable incorporated organisation (CIO)

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Episode 2 - Academy Conversion Overview including the timetable and key legal documents

Wrigleys Education Team Podcast: an overview of academy conversion including the timetable and key legal documents Education partners, Chris

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Episode 1 - Academy Myths - Exposing and exploring common myths

Wrigleys Education Team Podcast: Exposing and Exploring Some Academy Myths Education partners Chris Billington and Tim Wrigley discuss some of the

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When can a Trust Corporation be trusted?

Last week saw the publication of Senior Judge Hilder’s review of the appointment of trust corporations to act as a property and affairs deputy for a

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