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Commercial Dispute Resolution Associate

Commercial Dispute Resolution Associate

  • We are looking for someone with the ability to undertake High Court litigation as well as other dispute resolution processes.
  • You will be supporting Partners in larger matters as well as managing your own caseload.
  • You will act as a point of contact for clients while demonstrating a level of knowledge and skill commensurate with experience.
  • For this role, you must have previous experience in commercial litigation, ideally with a focus on financial services.
  • Experience or an interest in white collar/financial crime work is also looked on positively.

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In the last 20 years the amount of people living in the private rented sector has more than doubled. This has created a demand for good quality

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Legal Privilege: Cherry picking the waiver of legal privilege

Employers who decide to waive legal privilege over documents that support their case risk inadvertently waiving privilege over other documents which

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Religion or Belief Discrimination: Employment Tribunal finds ‘vegetarianism’ is not a “belief” protected from discrimination

An Employment Tribunal has held that vegetarianism is not protected by discrimination legislation. This is not binding on other tribunals which may

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Redundancy Payments: Employee entitled to be awarded a Statutory Redundancy Payment as well as an NHS Contractual Redundancy Payment

The tribunal cap of £25,000 for contractual claims did not apply to prevent an employee being awarded a statutory redundancy payment as well as her

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Whistleblowing: Is an employee protected as a whistleblower if the disclosure is made partly out of self-interest?

An employee who makes a disclosure partly out of self-interest may be protected as a whistleblower if the employee also reasonably believes the

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Scotland stands firm on the discount rate

In a move that is bound to delight pursuers and leave those - such as insurers and public bodies - footing the bill for claims that it will affect to

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Deprivation of liberty for 1617 year olds - Supreme Court decides

Can a parent consent on behalf of their 1617 year old to careresidence arrangements that would otherwise amount to a deprivation of liberty? This

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NHS Charities: An Untapped Resource

NHS charities say their potential to make important contributions to patient care is underused. We look at the new initiatives hoping to change that

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When to notify deaths to the Coroner: New legal framework from 1st October

It has been a long time coming, but doctors are finally about to have a clearer legal steer on when they should be reporting deaths to the Coroner

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It's All In The Timing: Bringing claims under SPA tax indemnities and W&I insurance - A review of the decision in Minera v Glencore

A large proportion of SPA warranty or indemnity claims under W&I policies over the last 10 years have not been claims under the general warranties

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Emails between board members and stakeholders were created for the dominant purpose of discussing a commercial settlement and were not protected from disclosure by litigation privilege.

Emails between board members and stakeholders were created for the dominant purpose of discussing a commercial settlement and were not protected from

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Split Sites: Divide and Conquer?

More trusts are turning to the ‘split site’ model to redesign how and where they deliver services. Such re-engineering requires skilled leadership

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Disability Discrimination: Employee was dismissed for a tendency to steal, and could not claim disability discrimination

An employee was dismissed for a tendency to steal, which is excluded from being a "disability" under the legislation. He could not therefore claim

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Dismissal while on PHI benefit: Restriction on dismissing employee receiving long term disability benefits

The EAT has held that, given the drafting of a particular contract, a term should be implied to restrict the employer from dismissing an employee who

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Disability Discrimination: What is "unfavourable" treatment?

The Supreme Court has agreed with the Court of Appeal that advantageous treatment because of a disability does not amount to unfavourable treatment

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National Minimum Wage: Consultation

The Government has launched a consultation on National Minimum Wage rules about salaried workers and the operation of salary sacrifice schemes. The

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Should an organisation be liable for injuries suffered by a volunteer acting contrary to an express instruction?

The question of whether an organisation should be liable for injuries suffered by a volunteer whilst performing an unauthorised act, contrary to an

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Workplace Sexual Harassment:

The Government has published its response to the Women and Equalities Select Committee’s report of July last year on sexual harassment at work. It is

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Cost Budgeting in a Living Mesothelioma Case

Whilst mostly of academic interest rather than of broader practical relevance, an interesting case management decision was made by Master Thornett in

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Our response to NHS England and NHS Improvement’s consultation on changes to Digital-First Primary Care

Proposal: If a practice exceeds a threshold number (suggested 1,000-2,000) of out-of-area patients from another CCG’s area, then its main contract

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