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Commerce and Technology Associate

Commerce and Technology Associate

  • About the firm: Fox Williams offers a different career lifestyle to that of many of our much larger competitors. The quality of our work is extremely high and the standard of our lawyers (associates) and support staff is equal to that of any major City firm.
  • About the role: The rol will focus on drafting, negotiating, and advising on a wide range of commercial agreements (business to business and business to consumer).
  • Looking for: It is essential that you have experience of cross-border matters.
  • Opportunities: As a smaller firm, we also consider ourselves to be far more personal and friendly. You will quickly get to know everyone from the Senior Partner to the most junior staff.
  • And more: Fox Williams LLP has established sector foci and existing profiles in the fashion and technology sectors. We have a cross departmental Fashion Law Group and a technology practice group.

Fox Williams LLP

Fox Williams is a City law firm with a leading reputation in specific industry sectors and practice areas, known for its good sense and ability to deliver effective solutions.

Number of Lawyers: 75+

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Who should pay for replacing flammable cladding?

The first case on liability for flammable cladding provides little comfort to lessees seeking to recover the costs of repair. The call by a first

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Why future cities will be smart

Cities are the future, and future cities will be smart. Urbanisation is one of the continuing trends of the twenty first century. In 1800, just 2 of

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Terminating PFI contracts: What it really costs

At the Labour Party Conference last year, John McDonnell raised the idea that public sector bodies could provide better value for money in certain

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Is the project monitor to blame?

The Court of Appeal has handed down its decision in a long running dispute concerning the duties owed by a project monitor. Lloyds Bank Plc v McBains

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The right to adjudicate - Interpretation of ‘excluded operations’

The Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996 (Act) grants the right to refer disputes relating to construction operations to

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Reasonable Care v. Fitness for Purpose

At first glance, one may assume that a case concerning offshore windfarms would be of little interest to developers outside the energy sector. However

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Flammable cladding: important issues for occupiers to consider

Occupiers must be alert to changes to lending and insurance requirements as a result of the Grenfell Tower tragedy. The fire initiated the largest

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Carillion creditors: urgent steps to protect your position

On 15 January 2018 Carillion PLC and a number of its subsidiary companies (Carillion) went into liquidation, with the High Court appointing the

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Where next for green bonds?

Green bonds have come a long way since they were first issued in 2007. As we mark their tenth birthday, what developments should we expect over the

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Japanese knotweed

Japanese knotweed, which was introduced to the UK in the 19th century as an ornamental plant, has now spread to become the most invasive plant in the

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The tide turns

It seems that whenever the court changes its rules with a view to improving efficiency or reducing costs, it has the opposite effect. The so-called

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The Chancellor’s Autumn Statement

The Autumn Statement contained mainly political and economic measures. There were a number of tax and other announcements relevant to private

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Football insolvency - the new policy: a step in the right direction?

The Football League has recently finalised some important changes to its insolvency policy which were approved at an AGM over the summer. These

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The UK implements the remainder of the Transparency Directive Amending Directive changes

On 26 November 2015, the UK completed the implementation of the Transparency Directive Amending Directive. This has entailed amendments to the

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Rights of light

Rights of light can be a significant barrier to development, especially in built-up areas. What exactly is a "right of light" and what steps can be

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year

It’s not yet December and we are inundated with the Christmas adverts ranging from dogs in woolly jumpers to the lonely old man on the moon saved by

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Transparency and trusts: an update

Many of you will know that the UK has now passed legislation requiring the beneficial ownership of UK registered companies to be held on a publicly

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No jurisdiction for creditors who have proved elsewhere

In Stichting Shell Pensioenfonds v Krys 2014 UKPC 41, the Privy Council has held that where a company was being wound up in a jurisdiction where it

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Sending personal data to US companies: Safe Harbor shenanigan

UK businesses which transfer to or share with US companies any databases containing personal data have to comply with rules set out in the Data

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This is so much more than redevelopment!

This is part of the series of articles we have published this year regarding the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954, and in particular the grounds a

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