• About the Firm: The City of London provides local government and policing services for the financial and commercial heart of Britain, the 'Square Mile'.
  • About the role: The purpose of this in-house role is to provide legal services as required to all Departments of the City including the Commissioner of Police for the City and such other organisations for whom the Comptroller and City Solicitor is required to act as legal adviser.
  • Looking For: We are looking to secure your expertise, skills & abilities to be able to manage a small team of professional lawyers, dealing with a complex and diverse case load; complemented by your skills & abilities to advise on the interpretation of complex public law matters and provide clear and pragmatic advice to senior stakeholders, (I); together with your knowledge, skills and abilities to act as lead legal officer on complex cases in administrative, public & corporate law with particular focus on constitutional law, planning and highways and regeneration.
  • Opportunities: The opportunities afforded to you will include but not be limited to, considering and advising upon complex public and corporate law matters concerning the Corporation and other third parties to whom the Corporation provides legal services, including research and analysis of relevant law, and preparing, approving and completing such documents as may be necessary including letters, reports, agreements and licenses.
  • And more: You will have significant post-qualification experience in the interpretation of public and corporate law matters including significant experience in constitutional law, planning and highways and regeneration (including compulsory purchase).

City of London Corporation