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Charities and Social Ventures Lawyer

Charities and Social Ventures Lawyer

  • About the team: Do you want to join a team who are leading the way through their innovative approach to how they work together and with clients?
  • About the role: As well as working with exciting clients, you will get involved in business development and networking opportunities from the outset.
  • Looking for: As most of our charity clients are complex, corporate organisations, we are particularly interested to hear from those with corporate and/or commercial experience they would like to use for the greater good.
  • Opportunities: You will have every opportunity to drive your career forward in an environment in which you can rapidly develop your skills and knowledge with great support and real autonomy.
  • And more: We are happy to (re)train you in charity law, regulation and governance.

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Once a farmer, always a farmer

A Tribunal rules that though age and infirmity had restricted his activities, for tax purposes a farmer was still engaged in farming at the time of

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Greta Thunberg’s fight against imposters

Last week Climate Activist, Greta Thunberg, announced that she (via her foundation) has applied to register her name, Fridays For Future and

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Wellcome to the bright new future of research culture

The recently published report by the Wellcome Trust on “What Researchers Think About the Culture They Work In” presents a rather bleak picture about

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What happens when a shareholder and director dies?

The death of a shareholder and director can give rise to a host of adverse consequences for a business

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Charity begins at (a smart) home

“Alexa, make a donation to my favourite charity” - a command that could become commonplace, as more and more charities are engaging with supporters

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Research integrity - A fundamental pillar of the innovation economy

At the start of this new decade, the political, economic and cultural landscape for the UK's science and technology research base is rapidly changing

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Wizards win a game-changing victory in Dungeons and Dragons

A recent decision by the General Court of the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) on the effective scope of trade mark rights will

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Recruitment, retention and social mobility: The last piece of the diversity jigsaw

At our recent People Summit Series event on Recruiting for the Future, much of the discussion focused on the issue of how employers harness the

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Why clarity is vital in an overage agreement

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How should employers of researchers respond to the revised Concordat to Support Research Integrity?

Following the release of the revised Concordat to Support Research Integrity, all employers of researchers need to take action to safeguard the

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Debunking seven common DSAR myths

Under Article 15 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), individuals have the right to request a copy of any of their personal data

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Recruiting for the Future: new perspectives on long term recruitment strategies

A shrinking talent pool, evolving work and lifestyle patterns and new attitudes to incentives are all having a profound influence on recruitment. A

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Do recent trade mark cases change how we perceive bad faith?

EU courts have recently become preoccupied with bad faith. It’s nothing to do with Brexit, however; instead their focus is trade marks

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Supreme Court ruling changes the outlook for inventors

As patent attorneys, we frequently advise both employees and employers that inventors rarely benefit financially from being named on patents, despite

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Misconduct outside of work - a red card offence?

Football club Derby County have fined two players 6 weeks’ wages after they were caught drink driving after a work social event

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Agricultural ties - your questions answered

Recently we’ve been asked a lot about Agricultural Occupancy Conditions, also known as agricultural ties, on properties - specifically what these are

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Google’s win: Right to be (almost!) forgotten limited to EU

In the recent case of Google v CNIL (C-50717) the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has sided with Google, by confirming the "right to be forgotten"

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