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Administration and Public Law Litigation Solicitor

Administration and Public Law Litigation Solicitor

  • About the team: The highly regarded Dispute Resolution team is ranked as Tier 1 in Chambers 2018 and Legal 500 2017 specialising in the resolution of complex disputes.
  • About the role: The position will involve work under supervision on a broad range of matters and running files involving but not limited to the above legal areas.
  • Looking for: Experience of High Court Litigation and commercial litigation is necessary for this role.
  • Opportunities: For the right candidate, we are offering the opportunity to be involved in high-profile, excellent client work and to develop long-term relationships with clients.
  • And more: Apply today via Route1 to secure this exciting opportunity.

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Since April 2013, an individual’s UK tax residence status each tax year (i.e. 6 April to the following 5 April) has been determined with reference to

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Agricultural Brief - Prior approval: no panacea

The increase in available permitted development rights for the development of former agricultural buildings has led to us seeing a sharp increase in

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Agricultural Brief - Managing health and safety: top ten tips

In the last ten years, almost one person a week has been killed as a direct result of agricultural work. Many more have been seriously injured or

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Agricultural Brief - Record keeping is a healthy exercise for farmers

When working to protect the interests of farmers and landowners, we often find that one of the most significant factors influencing the outcome is

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Employee ownership: attract, incentivise and reward

The war on talent has conventionally been waged with an armoury of salary and benefits including healthcare, extra pension contributions, gym

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Agricultural Brief - New right to a written statement of terms for all workers and employees from day one

Following the recommendations of the Taylor Review of modern working practices in 2017 (the Taylor Review), the Government published its Good Work

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Agricultural Brief - What to do when you're expecting (to sell)

The New Year (and in this case, a new decade!) is usually seen as a time of opportunity. You may be looking to sell land andor property to help

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Private Lives - Declarations of Trust

We are all familiar with this story. Two people fall in love, buy a house together, and then don’t live happily ever after. But what happens when the

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Private Lives - Inheritance Tax review, estate planning and lifetime gifts

In July this year, the Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) published its Second Report in relation to Inheritance Tax (IHT). The report contains 11

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Who gets the pet if a couple divorce?

It is estimated that over 40 of households in the UK have a pet, with dogs and cats as the main animals of choice

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Family Court delays, mediation and arbitration

Sir Andrew MacFarlane, the President of the Family Division has recently spoken out over the increased workloads and delays being experienced in the

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How family mediation can help your family

The mediator appointed by both of you is independent and will support you in working out what is important for your family and arrangements for your

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Villagers seeing red about village green decision

The Supreme Court dealt a blow to supporters and users of village greens in a judgement handed down on 11 December. The court held by the slimmest of

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Getting married - you have the ring, booked the honeymoon, but do you have a Pre-Nuptial Agreement?

Thinking about what might happen to your money and assets if you separate or divorce when planning your wedding may seem unromantic but it is as

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Employment and Immigration Law Update - Immigration round up

A round up of immigration topics, including an EUSS update, Tier 2 Restricted Certificates of Sponsorship and net migration statistics

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Employment and Immigration Law Update - Worker status: right of substitution

The Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) has considered whether a delivery courier had correctly been categorised as a ‘worker’ despite the existence of

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Employment and Immigration Law Update - Settled status - administrative review

As we have discussed in previous updates, the EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS) opened in March this year

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Employment and Immigration Law Update - Disclosure of pay not gross misconduct

The Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) has confirmed that a disclosure of a senior employee’s pay details was not gross misconduct

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Employment and Immigration Law Update - Quick fire December 2019

HMRC's new Check Employment Status for Tax tool, the disability pay gap and a summary of what's next for employment law in the light of the recent

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Employment and Immigration Law Update - Whistleblowing: the reason behind the dismissal

The Supreme Court has handed down its decision in a case looking at the circumstances when a dismissal is automatically unfair due to an individual

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