Seven legal podcasts to keep you listening

13 March 2019

It’s safe to say we have an abundance of riches when it comes to podcasts.

From excellent political shows (check out the very on-topic Brexitcast) through to comedy, food (Off Menu being a personal favourite), storytelling (haven’t listened to The Moth, where have you been hiding?), true crime (we all remember Serial…), plus the never-ending supply of radio plays, scripted comedy and lifestyle programmes, there really is something for everyone.

Seven legal podcasts

But with an overwhelming volume of excellent shows on offer, it can sometimes be difficult to choose your next listen. And what’s out there for the legal world to indulge in? To save you some time, I thought we’d point you in the direction of a few favourite Route1 podcasts.

The Hearing – A Legal Podcast

The Hearing

Now one year into his collaboration with Thomson Reuters Legal, Kevin Poulter has created an charming conversational show talking to the great and the good (some of who you may know, others you might not) of the legal world. Topics range from disability to equality, the justice system to Blur, divorce to Donald Trump. Something in there for everyone!

Building NewLaw

The Hearing

Peter Aprile and Natalie Worsfold interview lawyers, legal technologists and others in the NewLaw’ field on new ways to provide and receive legal services. Think innovation, people, data, billing, client focus and more… If you see change and technology as inseparable in law, this one’s for you.

BBC Law in Action

BBC Law in Action

The eponymous Joshua Rozenberg presents BBC Radio 4’s long running legal-zine show. He shines a light on everything from prisons to driverless cars, disclosure to GCHQ, GDPR to The Supreme Court. For a jargon free analysis of current affairs with a behind the scenes peek at the justice system, have a listen.

What Trump Can Teach Us About Con Law

What Trump Can Teach Us About Con Law

Yes, it’s from across the pond – but, even for a lay UK citizen like me, this is a great show that delves into how Donald Trump is challenging the norm. Professor Elizabeth Joh and Roman Mars look at the tumultuous and erratic activities of the executive branch to teach us all about the US Constitution, as well as what Trump is able to do…

Women in Law – On The Record

Women in Law - On The Record

Another US recommendation but one that shines a spotlight on women in varying stages of their legal careers. Interviewing women nationwide, Greenberg associate, Allison Stewart, finds out how each guest got to where they are, what lessons they’ve learned along the way and what they’re doing now to achieve their next goal.

UNTOLD: The Daniel Morgan Murder

UNTOLD: The Daniel Morgan Murder

The tagline of this podcast reads, “If you haven’t heard this story, ask yourself, why?”. And I guarantee that you will be asking that very question after listening! Investigating the murder of Daniel Morgan in 1987, Peter Jukes connects the phone hacking scandal that closed News of the World, the top brass of the Metropolitan Police, London drugs barons, 10 Downing Street, bribery and coverups. Now the most investigated murder in British History, this is a hard hitting, fast moving and very revealing show. With Morgan’s murder and the subsequent events having been described by an Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police as “one of the most disgraceful episodes in the entire history of the Metropolitan Police Service”, this is one podcast you shouldn’t miss.

Legal Wars

Legal Wars

And, last of all, a final recommendation from our American friends. The show, based on extensive interviews and court transcripts, aims to put the listener inside the jury box of some of the most famous court cases in American history, such as Hulk Hogan’s courtroom wrestling match with Gawker, the battle for free speech on the internet, and the Rodney King trial that set off the LA Riots. Whilst relatively short in length, each episode provides a great insight into how and why the outcomes came to be.

Are there any other legal podcasts that you would recommend? Let us know…

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Route1 is an award winning marketplace for legal talent. For any questions, please contact our Engagement Team or visit our Contact Us page for more information.

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