Conversion Rate – What’s Yours?

11 December 2019

It can seem strange to view a lawyer’s role through a sales lens. The two roles, seemingly, appear on opposite ends of the professional spectrum. However, the type and quantity of clients who engage your services has much to do with how you sell yourself.

We’ve heard the story many times – potential clients contact you via email with an issue, seemingly seeking free advice. In fact, the reality is that most are genuinely seeking counsel. How do you filter through these enquiries and determine who is ready to engage? The first step is simple – respond to the email.

Most firms post their lawyer’s profiles, complete with practice area, email address and direct line on their websites. This makes it extremely convenient, but unfortunately impersonal, for the first interaction to be made via email. But first impressions are everything right? Your first email, down to the speed and tone of the response, are now your first impression.

The trick is to try and bridge the electronic gap, giving the potential client a reason, either now or later, to engage your services. Here are 5 tips on building that rapport from the first email onward to help boost your conversion rate.

1: Be visible and easily contactable on the internet

This might seem obvious, but that first email will never arrive if you aren’t on the internet. Even more, you need to do your best to be easily visible through a search. Try searching yourself to check where you stand on this one.

2: Respond quicky

The quicker the response, the more likely that you will be engaged. The simple reason is that most people will engage the first lawyer who responds to their email.

3: Be prepared to support them

It is likely that your client has never had a legal issue before and may be worried, overwhelmed and stressed about the situation. As somebody who sees these issues daily, it can be sometimes difficult to remain supportive when concerns seem irrational or illogical. The best thing you can do here is show support and walk them through the process to ease their concerns.

4: Follow up with them

A few days after the first interaction, call or email them to discuss the next steps. This shows them that their matter is important to you and gives them confidence in your ability.

5: Stay in touch

Even if the interaction doesn’t end in them hiring you, it is a great idea to stay in touch. There may be an instance in the future where they will need to engage you and you want to make this as easy as possible. This also builds a continuing relationship of trust and may result in referrals or positive reviews on your profile.

Increasing your conversion rate is a key initial step in building an impressive book of business. Want to work for a firm where you’ll see the most results from increasing your conversion rate? Get in touch with our Engagement Team and find out how we can help you make the next move of your career.


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