How did you start job searching?

I had just finished law school and decided to look for paralegal roles to gain experience while looking for a training contract. I began by going directly to firms’ websites but this was fruitless because you are shooting in the dark – 9/10 times they won’t be hiring at your level and specialty.

What about job boards?

I used TotalJobs and Reed to look for paralegal roles, they had a few but not many for people without much experience. They were a bit disappointing. Most of the posts on job boards are made by recruiters to fish for candidates’ details.

Did you use recruiters?

I got in touch with 10 recruiters through job ads that they had posted on job boards. I think they have such a high turnover that paralegals don’t really matter. Most of the time, you would speak with a recruiter and someone else from the firm would contact you with a totally irrelevant job. I wouldn’t overly trust them. They just try to fill the roles they have, they don’t really match you with jobs that are right for you.

Do you think any recruiters add value that the app doesn’t offer?

No. From my experience recruiters didn’t add anything and it was nice not having to deal with someone. On Route1 you have more autonomy in what you are doing, you see jobs directly from employers and send your CV straight over.

Recruiters very rarely tell you the salary but [on Route1] you can filter all your matches by salary range. For most posts on job boards, you aren’t applying to the role advertised but actually giving the recruiter your information and they will try to sell in whichever job they have.

The idea that my CV was going straight to the firm I was applying to was a massive selling point.

What did you think when you first used the Route1 app?

I was positively surprised by the range of jobs. There were jobs in the area that I had been searching for that I hadn’t seen elsewhere.

I requested 10 job specs and applied to 6, I went to interview at Ashfords a week later and was offered a job as a paralegal in their Corporate department.

How would you compare finding a job on Route1 to finding one through a recruiter?

I like the ease of use, I can have a quick read through my job matches on the tube and request the full job spec to review later in my emails. It’s seamless and immediate. If you respond to a recruiter’s ad, it could be a couple of days to get a response.

I would recommend it to anyone looking for a legal job, download it and have a look.

Route1 is an award winning marketplace for legal talent. For any questions, please contact our Engagement Team or visit our Contact Us page for more information.


We have big ambitions to permanently change the way people hire and get hired, both in the legal and other white collar sectors, using GDPR compliant, content-rich, value-added recruitment techniques. We place transparency, charity, and candidate control at the heart of our model.

Route1 was founded in the UK in 2015 and is headquartered in London. Our founders and investors include experienced lawyers, digital entrepreneurs, recruitment consultants and HR professionals.

Route1 is an award winning marketplace for legal talent. For any questions, please contact our Engagement Team or visit our Contact Us page for more information.

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