How did you go about your job search?

I left my job as a corporate lawyer at a large national firm in New Zealand after 3 and a half years (1-2 PQE in UK terms), before travelling and going to Spanish school in various Latin American countries. I arrived in London 5 months ago to get some overseas work experience like a lot of Kiwis.

Before downloading the Route1 app I had five or six first round interviews and three final stage interviews at other firms through recruiters but didn’t get any final offers and when I saw the free app I thought ‘why not?’.

When I downloaded it I was looking to stay in private practice, but the Howden post piqued my interest so I requested the full job spec and sent in my CV. Having met the team and hearing more about the role I was sure it was where I wanted to go.

How would you compare finding a job through Route1 to using a recruiter?

What Route1 does is it takes traditional recruiters out of the equation, so you are not as reliant on a recruiter to find your next job.

The Route1 process is different than going through recruiters. The time from download to sending off your CV to a firm could be 5 minutes. Through a recruiter you generally meet face to face first before they apply for jobs on your behalf.

Another key difference with Route1 is that you are communicating directly with the person in charge of hiring you, rather than all discussions going through a recruiter. Recruiters are generally good at letting you know where you are in the process, but it’s nice to have that knowledge first hand.

What did you think of the Route1 app?

The app is a great idea, the whole experience was so simple from start to finish. Five minutes from download to applying for a job. My experience shows for lawyers in their first few years of experience, it really works.

I was very pleasantly surprised by the firms on it. There was a good mix of Magic Circle, Silver Circle, US and National and Regional firms. There were many more than I expected and some in-house roles too, one of which I ended up accepting which I’m very happy about.

It’s very intuitive and easy to use. I found the whole user interface very impressive. It’s almost a Tinder type app for jobs in the way you swipe through them.

I checked in a number times over a few weeks and each time there would be three or four new jobs that it matched me with.

I’m happy to hear notifications have been added in the last app update so you don’t miss new job matches, as well as a page that tells you where you are in the application process and which gives you reasons for any rejections.

Route1 is an award winning marketplace for legal talent. For any questions, please contact our Engagement Team or visit our Contact Us page for more information.


We have big ambitions to permanently change the way people hire and get hired, both in the legal and other white collar sectors, using GDPR compliant, content-rich, value-added recruitment techniques. We place transparency, charity, and candidate control at the heart of our model.

Route1 was founded in the UK in 2015 and is headquartered in London. Our founders and investors include experienced lawyers, digital entrepreneurs, recruitment consultants and HR professionals.

Route1 is an award winning marketplace for legal talent. For any questions, please contact our Engagement Team or visit our Contact Us page for more information.

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