Lucie was offered an interview within 2 hours of matching with a job on Route1, the job app for lawyers

How did you start job searching?

I wasn’t actively job searching actually. Previously, I worked in a law firm in Paris for two years and did a third master’s at business school which included working as a Business Insight Analyst at a facility management company. I decided that I wanted to practice law again but in-house rather than in a law firm but I wasn’t completely sure which sector or type of company I would prefer, and I wasn’t in a rush. Then I saw an advert for the Route1 app on Facebook and, as it was free, I downloaded it.

I didn’t actively use the app in the weeks after I downloaded it, but then I got an email from Route1 saying I had matched with an in-house legal job. It said I didn’t need to submit a cover letter, only a CV which I already had prepared. Amazingly, two hours later I was invited to interview.

I had three interviews in three days, completed some short technical tasks and was hired within 2 weeks of receiving that job match email.

What about job boards?

I have had a look at some of the big job boards but, if you aren’t sure exactly what kind of legal job you are looking for, it takes a long time to find interesting opportunities. I want to see targeted jobs that match my experience, but in a range of different companies. The job boards I tried didn’t offer this, they are very messy.

Did you use recruiters?

As I wasn’t actively job searching I didn’t contact any recruiters, but I was contacted by them a lot while working in Paris. They tend to be pushy when they have a job they want to fill, but not very receptive when you want their help to look for something. I have friends that have had good experiences but recruiters, understandably, look after their own interests first.

What did you think when you first used the Route1 app?

I thought the Route1 app was easy to use and I’ve appreciated having targeted job matches and offers (and not hundreds of irrelevant jobs as is normally the case online). I also like that Route1 only sends a few emails, not 10 per day. The articles from the Route1 blog and newsletter are also interesting.

Would you recommend Route1 to a friend, if so why?

Definitely, and I did already, simply because it works! I found my new job as an in-house lawyer in a great company. The process was easy, efficient.

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