2018 Data Protection World Forum

Salary Negotiations with Route1

Last week I attended the two-day data conference at ExCeL London. It was well attended by software and service providers, as well as advisers, from across Europe. What was clear is that traditional recruitment practices continue to fall foul of GDPR – not surprising as they use a business model that relies upon seeking to build consent or a “legitimate interest” basis to what have to many been unsolicited nuisance communications for many years. Shown below is the list of sectors with the most complaints received by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) for unsolicited email post-GDPR implementation. In July, recruitment came second and, in the most recent figures from August, the recruitment sector came top for unsolicited email complaints.

ICO slide

As Route1’s platform is a marketplace not an agency, our candidates are always in control of their own personal data and who they communicate with. We never contact our candidates unless they actively match with a role on our platform.

As recruiters continue to flout the GDPR, consumer and non-consenting solicitees’ rights will be further reinforced by the pending EU Privacy Regulation, which is expected to tighten the regulation of non-solicited contact (or “cold calling/emailing”) in the coming months. Lawyers at the Forum were keen to discuss the opportunities afforded to data subjects to claim damages for breaches of use of their personal data through joint and several liability in GDPR governed data supply chains. They were also keen to discuss the ability to fund and make class action claims on behalf of data subjects under Article 80 of the GDPR… For those recruiters out there who are still burying their heads in the sand regarding their data compliance, 2019 is going to be a very, very tough year!

At Route1, we never headhunt or solicit our candidates for specific roles. Our matching process is candidate driven, thus reducing our GDPR compliance risk to our clients to zero. To manage your data preferences, visit Your Profile on the Route1 website.

James Cole
Route1 Founder

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