GDPR supply chain compliance risk in legal recruitment – and how to manage it

Why it is essential for employers to go beyond contractual protections to manage risks arising from the processing of personal information by recruitment agents and their subcontractors.

How will a no-deal Brexit affect the legal market?

If the UK leaves the European Union without an agreement this Spring, there are certain to be challenging times ahead for the legal market.

New Year… New role… New you?

A positive change to our professional lives can bring a boost to other aspects of our lives. So, is 2019 your year…?

Legal Design: I’m convinced! Thoughts from a non-lawyer… working in NewLaw

The legal market is in transformation and Legal Design creates another opportunity to transform and re-energise the industry.

Finding a job as a newly qualified lawyer – The Offer

In the final part of Route1’s series for NQ lawyers, we guide you the through the all-important offer process.

Nobody’s got time for that! General Counsels’ and legal technology

A new report has been released illustrating a lack of legal technology adoption amongst general counsels. What is the solution?

He’s making a list, he’s checking it twice… Who’s list are you on?

Six months on from the implementation of the GDPR, Route1 research shows that many recruitment firms continue to process data in breach of GDPR and to cold call candidates – use a SAR to fight back!

Finding a job as a newly qualified lawyer – Submission and Interview

In the second part of our series for NQ lawyers, we’ll look at how to deal with recruiters, what to watch out for, and how to prepare for the interview.

Finding a job as a newly qualified lawyer – Your CV

As qualification fast approaches, newly qualified lawyers are positioning themselves for their next position. Before you start sending off applications to every firm under the sun, take the time to read Route1’s series for NQ lawyers.

2018 Data Protection World Forum

Route1 founder, James Cole, attended the DPWF last week. Here’s his debrief on the inaugural event.

Salary negotiations and how to manage them – Part 2

In the final part of our series on salary negotiation, we discuss how to make a counteroffer and secure the financial package you deserve.

Salary negotiations and how to manage them – Part 1

Talking about money and, more importantly, your own worth can be a challenging proposition. Here are some tips from Route1 to make things easier during the interview and offer process.

The Legal 500 and Chambers rankings – how much sway do they really have?

The 2019 Legal 500 and Chambers rankings were released with much fanfare last week but are they just an internal pat on the back? Route1’s Head of Engagement, Ben Daniels, gives his thoughts.

2018 Legal Geek Conference

Members of the Route1 team attended the Legal Geek Conference in London earlier this week. Here’s our thoughts on the 2018 event.

How we help you hire – its not all about the CV!

At Route1, we believe hiring can be done better for candidates and employers by adding transparency and control to the process.  This article focuses on the wisdom of traditional hiring practices that value university pedigree, grades and cultural “fit” over many other criteria. Unfortunately, impeccable credentials are not always a reliable indicator of how well…

Route1 and the GDPR – Putting the Candidate Back in Control

Introduction – GDPR You would think the start of 2018 has seen the legal recruitment industry wake up and pay significant attention to the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR.  Well sort of. Route1 met with a number of leading legal recruitment firms over the past few months and there are three responses to what…

The GDPR and HR Recruitment Software – Time for a Rethink

The start of 2018 has seen a number of webinars from software providers of cloud based solutions targeted at the recruitment industry. Hireserve and Bullhorn, for example, partnering with law firms Osborne Clarke and CMS, respectively, have provided guidance on what GDPR will mean for recruitment agents. This is timely, because recruitment agents have been…

The GDPR and the recruitment industry – the game is up, its time to comply!

The rapid adoption of platforms like LinkedIn means that recruiters no longer need to rely as much as they used to on a…

Hiring temporary legal contractors: Brexit – a sea change in the market?

Following the vote to leave the EU, commentators initially observed that consequent legislative change would lead to an…

Lucie was offered an interview within 2 hours of matching with a job on Route1, the job app for lawyers

Amazingly, two hours later I was invited to interview. I had three interviews in three days, completed some short…

In-house lawyers and legal advice privilege

In the UK, legal professional privilege has long been viewed as a central tenet of the rule of law in protecting…

Disrupting legal recruitment with a job app for lawyers

The legal recruitment industry has not seen meaningful change in decades. Standard recruitment fees are 20% to 25% of…

A guide to moving in-house as a lawyer or paralegal

Over the past ten years, in-house positions have become increasingly appealing to motivated solicitors as an alternative…

Why and when should I move in-house as a lawyer or paralegal?

A recent report by the SRA found that, regardless of the size of the legal team, most lawyers gravitate towards in-house…

How do I move in-house as a lawyer or paralegal?

In-house jobs are out there, but they can be tricky to track down for a number of reasons. Positions are often released…

Brexit and what it means for UK lawyers

Back in early 2016 you were an associate advancing nicely through your career. Your boss was a bit of a pain, some…

The background to a post-Brexit legal jobs market

The global legal services market has fallen on hard times since 2009. In the aftermath of the global financial crisis in…

Practice areas that will face threat and opportunity following Brexit

As detailed in The City UK’s July 2016 Market Report, the range of services offered by the UK legal market is uniquely…

The impact of Brexit on UK lawyers’ rights to work in the EU

While not typically thought of as an export commodity, revenues from cross-border formed legal practices of UK firms…

Will the primacy of English law will remain for international contracts following Brexit

A growing fear among junior lawyers in the UK is that English law will cease to maintain its primacy as the lex…

A guide for lawyers moving to Australia from the UK

It has long been the case in the London legal market that associates from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa head…

Charlie was hired as a corporate paralegal on Route1

I was positively surprised by the range of jobs. There were jobs in the area that I had been searching for that I hadn’t…

Ben was hired as an M&A Insurance associate via Route1

The app is a great idea, the whole experience was so simple from start to finish. Five minutes from download to applying…

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