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The smart way to hire lawyers.

  • 8500+
    Over eight thousand lawyers and paralegals are active on the app, ready to match with your jobs based on experience and location.
  • 15%
    We’re a marketplace not an agency – we charge just 15% of the candidate’s first year salary on success.
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    Hundreds of jobs are live on the marketplace right now. Join the top legal employers posting jobs directly into the hands of lawyers and paralegals.
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    Post jobs to our app, either yourself or through us, putting them directly into the hands of thousands of lawyers and paralegals.

  • Manage applications

    Only qualified candidates are matched with each job. We review applications to ensure quality control and you manage applications quickly and efficiently.

  • Hire

    Move candidates through your interview process to hire, pay a fee of 15% of annual salary and ensure £1000 goes to charity.

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