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We provide you with the ability to measure engagement for specific roles and content.

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Over nine thousand lawyers and paralegals have downloaded our app and are ready to match with your jobs based on selected metrics.



We are a marketplace not an agency and we charge just 15% of a successful candidate’s first year salary.


Job Views

We measure and report real-time engagement for your job specifications and content. To date, Route1 has delivered over 100,000 job views to its registered candidates.

Relevant candidates, with immediate engagement.

Your roles and your content, matched with candidates via an intelligent platform.

Post roles

Either partner with our engagement team to post roles or share on to our web platform by yourself. Your roles and content will only be shown to candidates with relevant experience based on location, practice group, specialisation and years of post-qualification experience.

Measure engagement

Our platform gives you the ability to measure candidate engagement for specific roles and content, providing real-time feedback on candidate engagement throughout a hiring campaign. This enables you to amend terms such as salary in cases where engagement is poor and optimise your job specification.

Manage applications

We review applications to ensure quality control and provide CV, references, academic transcripts and conflicts information when required. You manage candidates quickly and efficiently, either directly or using our engagement team to facilitate the recruitment process at no additional cost.


Move candidates quickly through your interview process, with back-up documentation at your fingertips. And on each associate hire, we pay £500 to our charity partner, WarChild, and £500 to a charity of your choice. Use Route1 to promote your CSR strategy and champion your pro bono clients!


What is Route1?

Route1 is a marketplace for legal jobs, not a recruitment agency. Our platform matches candidates with jobs and enables them to apply directly. Your firm can post directly to candidates using the Route1 web platform. It costs nothing to post a job and we charge just 15% of a successful candidates annual salary on placement - saving you time and money when you hire lawyers.

How do I sign up?

Sign up for free here inputting your name, company, phone number, email address and country. A member of the Route1 team will verify your account and contact you with details of setting up your account. Once logged in to your Route1 account you will be able to post jobs, review and shortlist applications. You will only be charged when you successfully hire a candidate you find via Route1. Please review our terms and conditions before posting jobs to Route1.

How much does it cost?

It’s free to post as many jobs as you want. Fees are on success only - if you hire a lawyer or paralegal sourced through Route1, you pay just 15% of the first year salary.

What vetting process do you provide, if any?

Your job posts will only be shown to candidates with relevant experience based on location, practice group, specialisation and years of post-qualification experience. We think you are best placed to assess if a qualified candidate is right for you, so want to connect you directly to your candidates. Route1 will filter out any applications that are not relevant or sufficiently qualified to apply for your job so you won't receive applications that are not suited to your job.

How do I post jobs through Route1?

Once you’ve signed up, you will be able to login online on your desktop. To post a job directly into the hands of thousands of top lawyers, you first provide the job title, salary range and location. You then summarise your existing job spec, breaking it down into the seven most important points, each of which has a character limit designed to help candidates review jobs they match with more easily. Finally, you upload the job description. It takes about 10 minutes to post a job and our Engagement Team is always available to help with this process - just give us a call or send us an email to

How can we use your analytics?

We measure engagement in real-time, so we can see how, when and where our candidates ready your job spec and content. This enables you to determine demand for the role across a matching candidate pool and if necessary amend your hiring strategy.

Do I need to declare salaries for jobs I post?

Jobs that state a salary upfront receive applications from higher quality candidates. You will be required to enter a salary range for each job, which is used for filtering purposes in the app, but is not displayed to candidates. However, we do encourage all employers to also disclose a salary range within each of their job posts.

Will we get unsolicited cold calls and emails?

No. We know you are tired of receiving endless cold calls and emails when trying to fill a role. This is an aspect of the industry we strive to change. Our mission is to make it easier to hire lawyers. We will only contact you when we need to. For example, when you have new applications waiting to review or we roll out useful new features.

How do I contact you?

Email our Engagement Team at and we’ll respond within 24 hours or call us on 0203 884 2300. We are real people and will be on the end of every message. We’re a small team with a big mission and we want your help, your advice and your participation. Help us transform the recruitment industry once and for all.

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