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Route1 is the fast, convenient and transparent alternative to traditional legal recruiters.

Instantly deliver roles directly to all relevant candidates.

Drive talent engagement with relevant information and content alongside the job description.

Market analysis of supply and demand.

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Relevant candidates, with immediate engagement.

Your roles and content, matched with candidates via an intelligent platform.


Your roles and content will only be shown to candidates with relevant experience based on location, practice group, specialisation and years of post-qualification experience


Relevant content alongside job descriptions means real engagement for specific roles and content. We can provide real feedback on candidate response throughout a hiring campaign.

Manage Process

We review applications to ensure quality control, and then manage candidates quickly and efficiently, using our Engagement Team.

Hire & Give

Move candidates quickly through your interview process with zero GDPR risk. For each hire, we donate £500 to our charity partner, War Child UK, and £500 to a charity of your choice.


The largest group of vetted candidates on the web.


We charge just 20% of a successful candidate’s first year salary.

Job Views

We measure and can report real engagement insights for your job specification and content.

What is Route1?

Route1 is a marketplace for legal jobs. Our platform matches candidates with jobs they are qualified to apply for and puts them in control of their application process. We manage the upload and curation of the roles you want to upload – we know your time is precious. It costs nothing to have your roles on the platform and we charge just 20% of successful candidates’ annual salary on placement – saving you time and money when you hire lawyers.

How do I sign up?

It’s really easy – either fill in the employer form on the registration page, or email [email protected] and one of our Engagement team will be in touch to go through the process. There are no upfront costs.

How much does it cost?

It’s free to post as many jobs as you want. Fees are on success only – if you hire a lawyer sourced through Route1, you pay just 20% of the first year salary.

What vetting process do you provide, if any?

Your job posts will only be shown to candidates with relevant experience based on location, practice group, and years of post-qualification experience. We’ll make sure the candidate that apply fit the brief you provided, and we can be as involved as you would like. Some clients like us to send every CV we receive, but most prefer us to make sure the CVs you receive are relevant.

How do we get our roles on the site?

Once you’ve signed up, the engagement team will go through how you would like to provide the roles – be that via an ATS, email, careers site, or otherwise. Once we have all the information of the opportunities, our jobs team will make sure the role is uploaded, all the content is present and correct, and we’ll have candidates matching as soon as possible!

Do we need to declare salaries for our roles?

Roles that state a salary upfront receive applications from higher quality candidates and helps candidates to decide if a role will work for them. However, we know that salaries are more and more merit-based, so if you’d prefer to add a range, that’s fine too. If you’d prefer not to include salary information, just be aware that candidates usually ask us, and we’ll do our best to answer the question for them.

Will we get lots of cold calls and emails?

No. We know you are tired of receiving endless cold calls and emails when trying to fill a role. This is an aspect of the industry we strive to change. Our mission is to make it easier to hire lawyers. We will only contact you when we need to. For example, when we have new applications for you, to make sure the roles are up to date, or about new features/data we can provide.

How do I contact you?

Email [email protected], and we’ll respond as soon as we can; we are real people, and will be pleased to respond to every message. Alternatively, call us on 0203 884 2300.

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