Route1 – a hybrid model for employers

Employers often ask us whether we are a platform or an agency, because of the options we offer them. The fact is we are a hybrid with our platform enabling speedy and efficient hiring through:

– Immediate engagement with our 9000 strong candidate pool for new roles

– The ability to send specific candidate types specific content, either from us, third party aggregators such as Lexology, and most effectively from hiring employers themselves. This may include roles or a news feed based on a candidate’s expertise, role, seniority and/or location

– The ability to measure candidate engagement for specific roles and content and providing real time analytics to employers throughout a hiring campaign

– Immediate GDPR compliant application response from our app or via email to an employer’s ATS or HR team

In addition to these features we also employ recruitment professionals who sit between an applicant and an employer to:

– Draft or help to draft or amend employer job descriptions

– Review applications

– Help negotiate terms between the parties

– Provide guidance to candidates throughout the hiring process

– Prompt responses when required from candidates and/or employers

The extent to which our recruitment professionals are involved is up to the employer and the candidate. Employers sometimes want to see all applications for their own internal reporting needs. Sometimes they want our team to scree or pre-interview applicants.  Our team is reactive to client and candidate demand, and are not incentivized to get in the way of the process.  And most importantly, they will never headhunt from a hiring firm, because applications are always candidate led.

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