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Route1 is the fast, convenient and transparent alternative to traditional legal recruiters.

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The Route1 approach

We are an award winning marketplace solution for finding your next job in law.


We collect your profile information but never share it without your consent - you control your personal data at every stage of the application process. We are the only recruitment platform that is GDPR "compliant by design" - your consent means we don't require opt-in consents every six months.


Our intelligent machine learning algorithms only alert you to jobs and content that match your profile - we never send you junk emails. We also provide you with a weekly digest of the best legal content on the web based upon your practice area.

Easy and secure

Once you apply for a role, we attach your CV and back up data, which we encrypt and store to bank level security standard (AES-256) on a secure server. You have access to this data at all times to update your CV, your references, your academic transcripts and your conflict data.


Our roles and content come direct from employers, and when you apply you are doing so straight to them. Our engagement team simply manage the application process - they do not make commission moving you. To speak to one of our team about how the process works, please email us.

Relevant jobs, with context.

We use third party content to give you more information about the roles you view.

Role information

We don’t just copy and paste a job specification - every job has a tailored and clear breakdown of the role, the type of work you will be undertaking and who you will be working with.

Firm data

We provide information about the employer, meaning that you know more about the firm you’re looking at before applying. No “leading US/UK/regional firms” at “market rates” here!

Insights from the firm

We have partnered with a leading content provider to bring you the latest news and insights from our clients. See the work produced by the team you will be joining.

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